Crimson Ashes

Session nine through fourteen
Thunderspire Labyrinth Part 4

The heroes penetrate the Grimmeral fortress and after unsuccessful negations, storm the keep and rescue many prisoners. Unfortunately, Luna leans her father has been taken once again for some dark ritual. Armed with this knowledge the group returns to the Seven Pillar halls to regroup and seek out this new enemy.

Session Eight
Thunderspire Labyrinth Part 3

Captured by the Bloodreavers, Luna, Dree, jerry and Illania escape their bonds and finally defeat Krand and his gang of Bloodreavers. They learn that only three days ago her father and other slaves were sold to the Grimmerzhul’s, a Dueragar clan and make their way to discover their whereabouts. By first aiding the Drow merchant, Grender, they make their way to the Court of bones to retrieve an item for the manipulative dark elf. If they succeed he will give them directions to the The Horn Hoard, lair of the Grimmerzhuls.

Session Seven
Thunderspire Labyrinth Part 2

On a lead to the BloodReavers, possible kidnappers of her father, Luna leads her companions to their lair in hopes of breaking up their ring. After preventing troglodytes from collapsing the Seven Pillar Hall, they make way to the Chamber of Eyes to confront the Bloodreavers. Though they are victorious in many battles, Krand and his gang overwhelm the heroes and they are captured.

Session Six
Thunderspire Labyrinth Part 1

While in the city of Eylea, five Giant eagles land in the square asking for Luna. The Ginat Eagle known as fenard has been sent by Luna’s father Xeno for aid.

The four adventures, Illiania, Dree, Jerry, and Luna climb aboard the backs of the eagls and fly off hundred of miles to the realm known as Yrnegard. They are brought to the city of Fallcrest where they meet a Courier of Fallcrest, Malcom Ghesia.

From him they learn that Xeno had partaken on a mission to rescue a group of Fallcrest citizens, captured by hobgoblin slavers known as the Bloodreavers. The Bloodreavers had gone to the fable mountain city known as The Thunderspire Labyrinth. Oce a temple of minotaurs to Bahomet, it now serves as the realm of the Mages of Sephrim who allow business and commerce to commence from the Underdark to the surface world in their realm.

Determined to rescue her father, Luna leads the heros to the mountain and they enter the foreboding maze.

Session Five
Ravager of Time: Final

The City is attacked by Nula’s forces, but the combined heros and city Militia prevent the walls from being breached. In a desperate attack, Nula flies on her black dragon Garlog and enters the square where she is met by our heros. A long and fierce battle commences but Nula and her forces are defeated and the magic of Life bane is forever lost, once again.

Session Four
Ravager of Time Part Four

The City of Eylea has been taken over and the undead and hideous creatures under Nula’s control, hold the city. Using guile, the heros infiltrate the city walls and find Kilanas the prefect who tells them where the loyal soldiers ad clerics of Eylea are being held, and the powerful duplicates of Illiania and Luna are located. Using stealth, the heros liberate the commanders of the city in hopes they can garner control of the militia still being held.

But while the Heros try to sneak past the black dragon Slufgor detects the and calls the alarm. After a fierce battle with the dragon, our heros then prepare themselves for the wave of guards to attack them. From a fierce battle against the duplicate Luna and Illiania they are victorious. And the Real Illiania and Luna are restored to their normal selves.

The city is liberated, but Nula and small force are still at large and marching back to the city. The heros fortify the city and prepare for invasion.

Session Three
Ravager of Time Part Three

Returning to the City, the adventurers learn that their doubles have set Miles free and sentenced Clavados to death for false acquisitions of a Lord. Determined to not let their ally fall to the executioners axe, the group pulls off a jail break and exist the city. They learn that their duplicates the mysterious woman known as Nula has travel to the swamps of Spahbog and they take another raft to the south to investigate.

Upon arriving into the forboding swamp, the group sneak attack a hideous hag known as Vyedma and her clan. From her defeat, the group learns that she and Nula had created a pact in blood in taking over Eylea and diving the kingdom. Determined to warn Eylea, the group make haste back to the city.

But on their arrival, they find they are too late.

Session Two
Ravager of Time: Part Two

Arriving at Lorge Hall, Illania and Luna find an abandon ruin but strange music appears about them. They find a trap door under the rubble and descend into the depths of the keep. To their surprise they find the entire chamber is decorated with fineries in several different arching halls. From around them they hear footfalls of invisible beings. They entered a chamber where the music is loudest and that is when they the trap was sprung.

The halls and music faded and the two found themselves in a force cage filled with misty air. Two forms emerged from the mist and touch Luna and Illania. Before their eyes the forms took the shape of themselves, excat duplicates while Illania and Luna felt their life force being drained. Though Both Luna and Illania appeared to be the same age they were before, the strange magic had in fact aged them three hundred years. Illania suffered from the aging by losing concentration as as her mind and body faded in and out of the fey wild. Luna experienced tightening of her muscles, common among venerable elven warriors.

Helpless, they heard the crackle of a woman, who’s disembodied voice echoed in the chamber. Calling her self Nula, the sorceress revealed her plans to use their duplicates for a diabolical plan on the city of Eylea. With that, she left the two under the guard by two hideous slime golems. Once their strength regained, the two manage to enrage the slime golems who attacked by squeezing through the force bars. After their defeat, Illania, trying to stay focused, manage to sue her arcane powers to disrupt the cell and allow them to escape.

Emerging from the dungeon they discover a construction crew of zombies restoring the keep. After a fierce battle, the two lumbered through the swamps trying to reach the nearest village. Along their travels they are met by two sheriffs in the area Dree, the Shifter Warden and Jerry, the Dragon born warlord. Realizing the elf and Eldarin were the Jury of Inquisition, Dree and Jerry hastily get them to their village and acquire passage by raft to return them to the City of Eylea.

Session One
The Ravager of Time: Part One

Answering a call for the Crimson Guard, Luna and Illiania appear in the Kingdom of Ffrengarh, realm of the Lords Spirituals, to aid the Lord High Bailiff Clavados in the city of Eylea. Lord Miles D’Arcy stands accused of murdering his father Geoffrey D’Arcy and Clavados has requested the guard to aid him. Believing one of the eight artifacts of the Lords Spirituals has been stolen by Miles, Clavados sends Luna and Illiania into the treasury. The two encounter a foul guardian daemon which they destroy and evidence a thief had indeed stolen the artifact known as the Robe of Lum.

At the trial, the guardsman were about to present their evidence when Miles performed a legal maneuver demanding a trial of Inquisition; an overview of the evidence against him by a Jury of his peers. Because Clavados was the only Secular Lord in the court and could not be named on the Jury, Miles convinced the court that Luna and Illiania should be the Jury of Inquisition. Forced into this role the two begin an investigation into Miles affairs in hopes to bring judgment against him in thirty days time.

Days past as the two Jury members journey to Mrykfast hall, Miles and Geoffreys manor. Once they arrive they are attacked by strange zombie creatures and a half-elf wizard. After creatures are defeated they rescue Lady D’Arcy who reveals a strange tale of her husband’s secret works and the arrival of a strange woman. Lady D’Arcy overheard that they have traveled to the abandoned Lorge Hall in the Corpsemire, a feared land in the marsh. Determined to see through their duty, the two travel to the foreboding place.


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