Crimson Ashes

Session Four

Ravager of Time Part Four

The City of Eylea has been taken over and the undead and hideous creatures under Nula’s control, hold the city. Using guile, the heros infiltrate the city walls and find Kilanas the prefect who tells them where the loyal soldiers ad clerics of Eylea are being held, and the powerful duplicates of Illiania and Luna are located. Using stealth, the heros liberate the commanders of the city in hopes they can garner control of the militia still being held.

But while the Heros try to sneak past the black dragon Slufgor detects the and calls the alarm. After a fierce battle with the dragon, our heros then prepare themselves for the wave of guards to attack them. From a fierce battle against the duplicate Luna and Illiania they are victorious. And the Real Illiania and Luna are restored to their normal selves.

The city is liberated, but Nula and small force are still at large and marching back to the city. The heros fortify the city and prepare for invasion.



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