Crimson Ashes

Session Three

Ravager of Time Part Three

Returning to the City, the adventurers learn that their doubles have set Miles free and sentenced Clavados to death for false acquisitions of a Lord. Determined to not let their ally fall to the executioners axe, the group pulls off a jail break and exist the city. They learn that their duplicates the mysterious woman known as Nula has travel to the swamps of Spahbog and they take another raft to the south to investigate.

Upon arriving into the forboding swamp, the group sneak attack a hideous hag known as Vyedma and her clan. From her defeat, the group learns that she and Nula had created a pact in blood in taking over Eylea and diving the kingdom. Determined to warn Eylea, the group make haste back to the city.

But on their arrival, they find they are too late.



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