Crimson Ashes

Session Two

Ravager of Time: Part Two

Arriving at Lorge Hall, Illania and Luna find an abandon ruin but strange music appears about them. They find a trap door under the rubble and descend into the depths of the keep. To their surprise they find the entire chamber is decorated with fineries in several different arching halls. From around them they hear footfalls of invisible beings. They entered a chamber where the music is loudest and that is when they the trap was sprung.

The halls and music faded and the two found themselves in a force cage filled with misty air. Two forms emerged from the mist and touch Luna and Illania. Before their eyes the forms took the shape of themselves, excat duplicates while Illania and Luna felt their life force being drained. Though Both Luna and Illania appeared to be the same age they were before, the strange magic had in fact aged them three hundred years. Illania suffered from the aging by losing concentration as as her mind and body faded in and out of the fey wild. Luna experienced tightening of her muscles, common among venerable elven warriors.

Helpless, they heard the crackle of a woman, who’s disembodied voice echoed in the chamber. Calling her self Nula, the sorceress revealed her plans to use their duplicates for a diabolical plan on the city of Eylea. With that, she left the two under the guard by two hideous slime golems. Once their strength regained, the two manage to enrage the slime golems who attacked by squeezing through the force bars. After their defeat, Illania, trying to stay focused, manage to sue her arcane powers to disrupt the cell and allow them to escape.

Emerging from the dungeon they discover a construction crew of zombies restoring the keep. After a fierce battle, the two lumbered through the swamps trying to reach the nearest village. Along their travels they are met by two sheriffs in the area Dree, the Shifter Warden and Jerry, the Dragon born warlord. Realizing the elf and Eldarin were the Jury of Inquisition, Dree and Jerry hastily get them to their village and acquire passage by raft to return them to the City of Eylea.



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