Crimson Ashes

Session One

The Ravager of Time: Part One

Answering a call for the Crimson Guard, Luna and Illiania appear in the Kingdom of Ffrengarh, realm of the Lords Spirituals, to aid the Lord High Bailiff Clavados in the city of Eylea. Lord Miles D’Arcy stands accused of murdering his father Geoffrey D’Arcy and Clavados has requested the guard to aid him. Believing one of the eight artifacts of the Lords Spirituals has been stolen by Miles, Clavados sends Luna and Illiania into the treasury. The two encounter a foul guardian daemon which they destroy and evidence a thief had indeed stolen the artifact known as the Robe of Lum.

At the trial, the guardsman were about to present their evidence when Miles performed a legal maneuver demanding a trial of Inquisition; an overview of the evidence against him by a Jury of his peers. Because Clavados was the only Secular Lord in the court and could not be named on the Jury, Miles convinced the court that Luna and Illiania should be the Jury of Inquisition. Forced into this role the two begin an investigation into Miles affairs in hopes to bring judgment against him in thirty days time.

Days past as the two Jury members journey to Mrykfast hall, Miles and Geoffreys manor. Once they arrive they are attacked by strange zombie creatures and a half-elf wizard. After creatures are defeated they rescue Lady D’Arcy who reveals a strange tale of her husband’s secret works and the arrival of a strange woman. Lady D’Arcy overheard that they have traveled to the abandoned Lorge Hall in the Corpsemire, a feared land in the marsh. Determined to see through their duty, the two travel to the foreboding place.



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