Crimson Ashes

Session Six

Thunderspire Labyrinth Part 1

While in the city of Eylea, five Giant eagles land in the square asking for Luna. The Ginat Eagle known as fenard has been sent by Luna’s father Xeno for aid.

The four adventures, Illiania, Dree, Jerry, and Luna climb aboard the backs of the eagls and fly off hundred of miles to the realm known as Yrnegard. They are brought to the city of Fallcrest where they meet a Courier of Fallcrest, Malcom Ghesia.

From him they learn that Xeno had partaken on a mission to rescue a group of Fallcrest citizens, captured by hobgoblin slavers known as the Bloodreavers. The Bloodreavers had gone to the fable mountain city known as The Thunderspire Labyrinth. Oce a temple of minotaurs to Bahomet, it now serves as the realm of the Mages of Sephrim who allow business and commerce to commence from the Underdark to the surface world in their realm.

Determined to rescue her father, Luna leads the heros to the mountain and they enter the foreboding maze.



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