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Create a Character

You can play what you want.

You may use the array or standard point buy on ability scores.

You may use character generator or any books currently allowed in 4e and the instructions in the DMG on creating higher level PCs.

The Current level is 7 and all players start out with any mundane non magical equipment, (1) stead, (1) 8th level item, (1) 7th level item and (1) 6th level item plus gold equal to (1) 7th level item.

You may also use any backgrounds and source material from Forgotten Realms and Oberon (realizing that the fluff is not used).

Monster Races

You may use races in the MM, but Minotaurs in the MM cannot use the feats designated for the Dragon Magazine Minotaur. (Basically you lose the oversized weapon ability.)

Main Page

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